The Fat Lady creates strong content that makes your business thrive

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What can you expect from us?


+205 years combined experience

These twenty maestros are ready to support you. A healthy mix of youthful enthusiasm and years of experience. No egos or loners, but a close-knit team with a shared passion for content marketing and… good food.

In-house expertise

We employ the best people with expertise in every aspect of content marketing. They’ll help you with your content strategy, the editing and design of your magazines, your social media content or video content production.


Break the status quo

A lot of content passes like a ship in the night. Unnoticed. Content needs to be more creative, more qualitative and smarter to achieve results. Don’t you want your content to stand out from the crowd?

Giving you peace of mind

Content marketing is complex. And yet we can guarantee our clients’ peace of mind. They know their content is in good hands, is managed from A to Z, and that it will deliver results. And no matter how complex the project, we keep it manageable for you.

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