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Elected Content Marketing Agency of the Year 2021 and Specialist Agency of the Year 2020

Hard work pays off. The Fat Lady was crowned ‘Content Marketing Agency of the Year’ during the Best of Content Awards 2021.

This recognition is a nice follow up to the title of ‘Specialist Agency of the year’ in 2020. Media Marketing confers this award to an agency with exceptional expertise in a specific domain. In our case: content marketing.

“The Fat Lady is the kind of agency many marketers would like to work with. A trendsetter that propels the entire sector forward”, said jury president Valérie Bracke. It’s a nice compliment.

The Fat Lady Content Marketing Agency of the Year

Pioneer in content marketing

We’ve looked it up. We won our first content marketing award in 2010. But you would also call many of our earlier projects content marketing now. Sometimes we ripped up because we wanted to deliver value and not a typical advertising campaign, but most often we won the hearts and minds of our clients with it.

Koen Denolf, our very own Seth Godin, quickly acquired the title ‘content prophet’, thanks to his relentless efforts as a writer, opinion leader, speaker, teacher and vlogger in the content marketing field. As Content Strategist at The Fat Lady, he is your first stop in any collaboration.

Why are we called The Fat Lady?

A content agency with a boring name? No way! We love storytelling and found our inspiration in Wagner. Our fat lady is none other than the busty Walkure Brünnhilde, who gives the story an unexpected twist at the end of Wagner’s Ring Cycle and thus leaves the audience speechless. We, too, want to surprise with our take on content marketing and give our clients’ stories a new twist. Expect the unexpected, because ‘it ain’t over till the fat lady sings’.

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