The ‘Boekentoren’ Inside Out: hero content as part of the 3H approach

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Many content campaigns share the same problem: they are separate from an overarching content strategy and have no long-term perspective. In short: they are one-shots that contribute nothing to the bigger story. The hero campaign Boekentoren Binnenstebuiten (‘Book Tower Inside Out’). shows that it can be done differently.

Bringing science closer to people

The content platform wants to bring Ghent University closer to the people, and dispel the image of the university as an ivory tower. The goal is to make science, research and education more accessible to a wider audience, and so build a community.

Every article contributes to this goal. So does the content campaign Boekentoren Binnenstebuiten.

The effect of working with Hero, Hub and Hygiene.

The story behind the story

When the Boekentoren – a symbol of Ghent and the university – was reopened after nine years of renovation, it received a lot of press attention. But when all the media wanted to talk about was Henry Van De Velde’s fantastic architecture, you know you have to tell a different story. So we went looking for the human stories that took place in this beautiful building. And they were a joy to tell.

A look full of wonder

The university library had closed in 2012 for a full renovation. As a result, many Ghent University students finished their studies without ever even setting a foot inside. Also the majority of Ghent citizens only know the Boekentoren from the outside. In short, we needed a guide … someone who would discover the building with a look full of wonder.

Joris Hessels, actor, TV presenter and well-known Gentenaar, took a 2-hour walk through the building, together with head librarian Dries Moreels, who was able to answer all of Joris’ questions.

Joris’ inquisitive gaze lets you, the viewer, enjoy this unique voyage of discovery. With childlike enthusiasm, he takes you from the brand-new underground depot to the phenomenal belvedere on the twentieth floor.

The video and accompanying editorial were at the heart of this content campaign.

Tinder dates in the Boekentoren

The Boekentoren has a rich history and has played an important role in the lives of a lot of people. There is a story of Ghent University students finding love in the Boekentoren. And the story of Yolanda, who lived in the Boekentoren during WWII.

The content is story-driven and human. Deep where necessary, light and funny where possible.

The Boekentoren, much more than a beautiful building.

Awareness and community building

We worked on a double objective: awareness and community building. We placed a trailer for the video on social media and several booster posts with the articles.

The video attracted many visitors to the content platform and a large number of them watched the full 7 minutes. The supporting articles also attracted more than 4,000 readers. Proof that even short content campaigns can strengthen the long-term relationship with your community.


boca-awards Bronze - Best Short Term Content Campaign B2C

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